Rishi Kapoor's ??'Khullam ?Khulla?'? ?revelations ?

When Rishi Kapoor took centrestage for a no-holds barred session on his book launch, we knew that the man famous for speaking his mind on Twitter and elsewhere, will shoot from the lip. So we braced ourselves for an hour of brutally honest conversation, as the legendary actor floored a 300​-​plus audience that braved the icy winds on a chilly Tuesday evening to launch his autobiography, ​​​​Khullam Khulla at Taj Mansingh hotel here.

And the confessions came wrapped in myriad hues of emotions, from boisterously witty to straightforward to objectively candid. Whether it was his relationship with his son and scion of the first family of Bollywood, the guilt he carries for buying an award or his father’s affairs, Kapoor talked khullam khulla.

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Often regarded as a strict father, the 64-year-old actor confessed that he would never be the back-slapping, girl-friend discussing father to Ranbir. “I cannot be that close to him. My father had great reverence for my grandfather. I grew up carrying the same respect for Raj Kapoor who was not just my dad but my guru too. Unfortunately, the same kind of relationship has been passed onto Ranbir as well. I cannot be friends with my son. There’s love coupled with a respectable distance akin to a father-son relationship and I prefer that. I want there to be a wall between me and him where I can see him, but can’t feel him,” he shared. “Ranbir has said that he would never be my kind of a father to his children,” he stated matter​-​offactly.

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Talking about his struggles as an actor, he did some myth busting which he feels came due to the illustrious surname he carries. “It is not my fault if I was born with a silver spoon. I probably didn’t sleep on an empty stomach but I also sailed through choppy waters. My films also flopped. Then one fine day, I was confronted with this storm called Amitabh Bachchan and no one wanted to watch romantic, musical movies anymore,” he said, adding that he’s battled ‘angry’ heroes’ all through his career. However, very prudently he draws a parallel between the multi-starrers of yore like Amar Akbar Anthony, Naseeb and the lack of same in current Bollywood. “There would not be an Amar Akbar Anthony without a Rishi Kapoor and a Vinod Khanna. We were small rungs in the ladder of Bachchan’s great success. But this generation thinks differently. In fact, it is not even economically viable to bring top notch actors together today,” he laughed.

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