Naagin 2, 22nd January 2017 written update: Shivangi gets to know about Mahish’s reality

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Naagin 2 7th January 2017 full episode written update, Naagin 2 7th January 2017 full episode, Naagin 2 Naagin 2, 22nd January 2017 written update: Shivangi is now aware that Mahish is there to get his horn back.
In the first scene Shivangi tells Rudra that she needs to find out more about Mahish who is blackmailing her. In the living room, Mahish plays the game with the family members and tells them that if he says something that they haven’t done, they have to take a sip from the glass of either liquor or juice.

If they don’t, they will be given a punishment as a prank. The family members agree. Mahish, on his turn says that he hasn’t stolen diamond. Yamini considers this game as gospel truth and sips from her glass. When asked by Aaliya to explain what she has done, Yamini lies that she borrowed her mom’s jewellery and returned it later.

Shivangi however straightaway refuses to tell that she has stolen any diamond. Then Rocky comes there and Aaliya asks him to join the gang. Mahish next asks if anyone present has changed their identity. Mahish prods Shivangi to reveal whether she has changed her identity. Shivangi is again adamant that she won’t fall for his tricks and says no again. When Mahish keeps on persisting, Rocky interferes and asks him to back down. Mahish gets angry but Rocky and Shivangi agree to accept the punishment of dancing. Mahish then leaves from there, and Shivangi follows him to find out about his real form.

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At his cave, Shivangi is shocked to see him as a buffalo when he roars at his Guru. Shivangi hides there in her snake form, when Mahish grievously injures his Guru. When he leaves the cave, Shivangi goes to the injured guru and asks him more details of Mahish and his purpose. Guru says he cannot be saved as he made Mahish very powerful especially with the Naagmani in his possession. Guru also reveals that Mahish is looking for his horn back that some snake has stolen.

Shivangi realizes that Mahish came to her house to take back his horn. Guru reveals that Mahish can die only with his horn. But before he says how, Guru dies from his injuries. Shivangi goes to the Shiva mandir, where she tells Guruji and Rudra that Mahish has come back to take his horn. Guruji tries to destroy the horn but is unable to do so. Mahish feels severe pain when the horn was being destroyed and shouts at Shivangi about what she is doing with his horn.

Shivangi goes back to her room as a snake. Mahish tries to sneak into their room, but Rocky’s cousins catches him and asks him to plan Gaurav’s birthday, which makes him angry. In the next scene we see Shivangi advising Rocky that the blazer he bought as gift for Gaurav is good, but he should gift him something he can relate to. She suggests him to buy a handy cam and reminds him about their first meeting in a garage, when Gaurav recorded the moment. This past memory makes both of them emotional and they hug each other. Rocky then gets conscious as he recalls Shivangi telling Rudra that she wants to get away from Rocky and leaves.

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Yamini tells Sesha that she has gone old and cannot do anything to Mahish. Sesha shows bull injection and says this is a tranquilizer to hypnotize Mahish. They both go down and Sesha tries to seduce Mahish and inject the tranquilizer but someone pushes her and she injects Yamini.

Then Mahish confronts Shivangi at the terrace and asks her to give his horn, or else he will reveal her truth to her family. Shivangi says he can go downstairs and do as he may please, but she won’t give him the horn. He angrily tries to harm her. She pushes him and offers him to give the Naagmani to her if he needs his horn. Mahish then leaves.

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In the next scene Sesha is annoyed that anyone would have fallen asleep with the tranquilizer, but Yamini is just acting more mad. Chachi calls Yamini downstairs as guests have arrived for the party and there is nothing to serve them. Sesha and Avantika take her downstairs to the party venue and plan to drop her down and tell everyone that she slipped.

Rocky gifts a handy cam to Gaurav, making him happy. Gaurav says he knows it is Shivangi’s idea. He looks at Shivangi and Rocky’s first meeting video on his mobile and thinks of making a proper video. Mahish watches the video with him. Gaurav tells him how and when Shivangi and Rocky met and their story and says Shivangi loves Rocky more than Rocky and tells him how Shivangi used to cry when Rocky met with an accident. Shivangi sees Rocky outside and asks what is he doing there.

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Naagin 2, 22nd January 2017 written update: Shivangi gets to know about Mahish’s reality