Dimple ‘bhabhi’ Yadav: The glue that keeps SP together

She is referred to as bhabiji in political circles. Dimple Yadav stood like a rock behind her husband and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav during the Samajwadi Party feud. Akhilesh was tense and worn down at the time of the feud, but it was Dimple who ensured that the party work went on and more importantly her son did not sever all ties with his father and Samajwadi Part chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.

After the Akhilesh faction won the battle at the Election Commission, it is Dimple who insisted that the elections would be fought under the name of her father-in-law.

Dimple ‘bhabhi’ Yadav: The glue that keeps SP together

The importance of Dimple Yadav:

When the SP feud raged on there was a lurking danger that Akhilesh could have been branded as a power seeker at the risk of severing ties with his father. Dimple continued to post photographs of the family on the social media to tell the people that her husband was a family man.

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She has over the years grown as a politician. The MP from Kannauj even called the shots on the alliances that the SP should enter into. She was with party men at the time of the SP crisis and ensured that work for the elections went on smoothly.

Dimple, who has been in the shadow of her husband came out of it at the time of the family crisis. She insisted to party men and Akhilesh Yadav that the Mulayam should be the mentor. She also made sure that the posters of the party must don a larger image of Mulayam than Akhilesh.

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Dimple also played the perfect bahu at the time of the crisis. She did not want Akhilesh to snap ties with the father. She visited Mulayam several times and also sent over her children to meet with their grandfather on several occasions.

In the SP’s campaign Dimple will play a much bigger role. She would hit the campaign trail both her husband as well as alone. She will be the SP’s mascot to rope in the women votes in UP.

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Dimple ‘bhabhi’ Yadav: The glue that keeps SP together