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Destiny 2 beta now available to pre-load on PS4 and Xbox One

Destiny 2 beta, preview, gameplay, release date, trailers and more

Destiny 2’s open beta kicks off very soon, and after a very impressive showing at E3, fans can’t wait to get in and start exploring!

There’s so much new to talk about for Destiny, and TrustedReviews got the chance to go hands-on with the game out in LA. Read on below for everything you need to know about the game including release date, trailers, open beta info as well as our multiplayer gameplay impressions.

Destiny 2 beta – When does it start and how do I get in?

The Destiny 2 beta begins on July 18 for those with a pre-order or lucky enough to bag a beta key. Xbox One owners can join the action two days later on July 21. The whole affair concludes at 9pm PDT on July 23.

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Pre-loads of the beta period are now available across PS4 and Xbox One. In terms of playable content, players can experience the same strikes and story missions from the build presented during E3. Unfortunately, Bungie has no plans for a beta period on PC.

Destiny 2 release date and price

Destiny 2 will launch on September 6 with a RRP of £39.99. However, there’s also a special edition which will cost a bit more at £89.99. The PC version is coming later on October 24.

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Destiny 2 – What’s new?

Bungie has confirmed that all PvP content has been refitted for 4-player teams. In addition, Raids can now be played by everyone and not just those who have a massively experienced fireteam put together.

Destiny 2 will also feature a new solo campaign known as the ‘Red War’ with more cinematics than ever before and a new Strike Mission, known as ‘The Inverted Spire’. A new Guided Games feature will let new players to partner with experienced clans for harder raid and strike missions. Guardians can also look forward to a selection of new sub-classes, each with their own special abilities.

Destiny 2 will incorporate clan support directly into the game, meaning you can bring your friends together inside The Tower instead of a cumbersome skype chat. Clans will also have their own unique reward system, meaning you and your friends could earn bonus loot from simply working together.

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Familiar characters are also set to make a return in Destiny 2. The Vanguard, formed of Cayde-6, Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala, will be around to lead the fight and help Guardians upgrade their arsenal and earn new equipment. How you’ll go about taking back Earth remains a mystery, as do the new planets and environments you’ll explore throughout Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 multiplayer hands-on

Hands-on by Reviews Editor, Alastair Stevenson

The lack of a coherent single player campaign story was a key issue with the original Destiny. Which is why most of the press around its sequel, Destiny 2, is focusing on its new character-driven single player campaign – which in fairness looks pretty epic.

But having finally gotten some hands-on time with Destiny 2’s multiplayer I think, as before, the game’s long-term success will come from its insanely fun competitive matchmaking.

Jumping into the shoes of a level 20 Hunter for a game of Countdown, the match followed the same pattern as the original game, tasking each four-player team to swap between attack and defense each round. The attackers are charged to set off a bomb at one of various points on the map, while the defenders rush to foil their attempts.

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destiny 2

Running the basic run, gun, slide, melee strategy I’ve used in the past I was quickly able to dispatch two Warlocks before running into a Titan and meeting an untimely end – the heavily armoured Titan remains the tank class of the game and can take a worrying amount of damage. But after a while I began to notice a bunch of subtle improvements that made the game feel more balanced and the classes more differentiated.

This started the moment I attempted to glide my Hunter after jumping off a ledge. As opposed to activating a jet pack, as the basic Hunter class did in Destiny, I was able to perform a double jump, which can be performed three times in a row before needing a cooldown.

This sounds minor, but it’s really changed the class dynamic. It’s made the Hunter feel much more like a rogue assassin, making it even easier to dodge in and out of combat and quickly flip between different levels without leaving yourself overly vulnerable. But it came at the expense the glide ability, which I always found helpful when on defense.

After racking up a few kills, I also got a chance to sample the basic Hunter’s new Super Ability. Super Abilities work the same way as the first Destiny and let you activate a custom power attack or skill when a combat meter, which charges as you kill enemies and complete objectives, is full.

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destiny 2

Activating the Super I expected to see my character use the previous game’s Blade Dancer ability and jolt forward with a rapid series of super fast melees. But instead, the Super creates a glowing energy weapon. This change makes using the Hunter feel completely different to Destiny 1, but luckily proved equally fun to use when clearing a group of entrenched enemies from a bomb area.

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The two changes are both part of wider reform of the game’s skills and subclass systems. Destiny’s original class system was a little shallow and, outside of making you play one of three subclasses, let you pick and choose any unlocked skill you liked. This sounds great, and from a player freedom perspective it is, but it also meant later on most players’ skills were all but identical in matchmaking. A fact that led to some pretty predictable exchanges when playing at a high level.destiny

Destiny 2 increases the amount of class customisation you can do adding new cluster system that increases the amount of specialisation you have to do. Instead of being able to pick and mix your passive skills, in Destiny 2 you have to pick a specific skill path and stick to the options within it.

This sounds small, but playing with two teams of four Bungie had optimised to work well together, it made the game feel a lot more balanced than before and led to much more combat variety than the first game.

The end result was a heated firefight that ended with one score between each team and every Guardian involved hankering for another match.

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Opening impressions

Destiny 2 looks like it’s shaping up to be the game Bungie fans wished the first was. Though I haven’t tried the single-player campaign, the multiplayer experience feels like a true step forward. During my first match the gameplay felt more balanced and the new Hunter skills were a riot to use.

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If Bungie can deliver on its single-player promises and offer the same enticing loot system as the original, Destiny 2 could be one of the best games to arrive this year

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