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Bigg Boss 10, 25th January 2017 written update: Rohan Mehra gets evicted, Bani J becomes fourth finalist

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published:January 26, 2017 2:10 am

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The episode starts where Manveer and Lopamudra Raut are seen conversing about last night’s argument over bad food. Rohan Mehra says that everyone has tasted her food, as she has cooked a number of times in the house, and it is good. Lopamudra doesn’t seem convinced and is still upset that she lost the task. Rohan, Manu and Manveer talk about winning the show later in the day. Manu says that he hopes Bigg Boss makes Rohan dance on “Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela.”

Bigg Boss gives a new task – BB ka Mela. Manveer reads the letter from Bigg Boss. The garden area is converted into a colorful mela comprising of different stalls and interactive games. Each housemate is allotted a stall which they have to run and make money out of it. At regular intervals, different guests will enter the house and the housemates have to lure them and get them to visit their stalls. Manu is asked to run the ‘Hit the Joker’ stall wherein the guests can pick a housemate and hit them with a sponge dipped in soapy water. Manveer is given the responsibility of ‘Sawaal and Dare’ counter wherein he can ask two hard-hitting questions to the guests and can take a dare in return. Lopa is asked to take care of the massage counter while Rohan is made to dress up like a horse and entertain the guests.

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Mandana Karimi enters as the first guest. She targets Lopa and openly criticizes her actions. Mandana tells Lopa that she gets along with Rohan and just nags about other housemates for no rhyme or reason. She knowingly or unknowingly speaks a lot of negative things about Bani however, she has never said anything foul about them behind their back. She also advises her to stop taking pride in her beauty pageants all the time as she needs to highlight things that she has achieved during her journey inside the house.

the second guest, Nitibha Kaul , soon enters the house. The housemates are delighted to meet her and constantly tease her by calling her a celebrity. Nitibha quickly takes a tour of the house reminiscing all the good times spent there. She visits Manveer’s stall and after playing the game, she has a candid conversation with him with a view to sorting out all the differences. She tells Manveer that their fans are going gaga over them and addressing them outside as ‘NitiVeer’.

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The moment of truth arrives. One between Bani and Rohan is supposed to get evicted from the house. Bigg Boss gives both of them a last chance to speak their heart out. Bani breaks down while talking about her journey on the show.

Bani J becomes the fourth finalist after Bigg Boss announces Rohan’s name as the evicted contestant. Rohan Mehra hugs everyone and leaves the house. Before he leaves, he tells Lopa, “Jeet ka aana!”. Lopa tells him, “Just because of you this Bigg Boss journey has been fabulous for me.”

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Lopamudra starts crying. Manveer tries to console her and says that she should not cry as she will get to meet him in next three days after the finale.

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Bigg Boss 10, 25th January 2017 written update: Rohan Mehra gets evicted, Bani J becomes fourth finalist