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Bigg Boss 10, 24th January 2017 written update: Bani J wins ‘dhaba’ task from Lopamudra Raut

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Published:January 25, 2017 12:30 am

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Early in the morning, Manu Punjabi gets bit emotional thinking about how he is going to miss staying in the Bigg Boss house after the finale and expresses it through a monologue. Manu, Manveer Gurjar and Bani J get together and make fun of Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra. They say that only their blind fans will vote for them otherwise, Manu, Manveer and Bani have an upper hand over them. Bigg Boss introduces the BB Dhaba task wherein the housemates are divided into two teams – Lopa-Rohan and Manu-Bani. The contestants have to cook some delicious food in the given time frame. Manveer is chosen to be the sanchalak and owner of the dhaba who will get food orders from Bigg Boss and ensure that both the teams prepare it in the given time limit.

A dhaba-like set up is made in the garden area comprising of a stove place which both the teams have to share to cook food. The housemates are asked to dress up like dhaba chefs with aprons and pick all the required ingredients from the store room every time they get an order. After the task completion gong rings, both the teams have to get Manveer to taste their dishes and he will decides whether to accept or reject the dish. However, the final decision lies with Bigg Boss.

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In the first round, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to prepare a Chinese food item in the span of one hour. Both the teams gear up for the task and hit the storeroom to get all the necessary ingredients and the responsibility is on Bani and Lopa. Bani is quick enough to pick all the sauces while Lopa struggles to get the right ingredients. Lopa requests Manu to share the sauces with her but Manu politely declines saying that she should have thought of it before and he won’t be able to help her now. Obviously, Lopa loses her cool at him. As the end buzzer rings, both the teams display their food items in a serving bowl and put it in front of Manveer for assessment. Without wasting any time, Manveer declares Manu and Bani as the winners and keeps their dish in the confession room for Bigg Boss’ evaluation.

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Up next, Bigg Boss asks both the teams to prepare an Italian dish in the span of one hour. Bani and Lopa rush inside the store room to get the ingredients and once again Lopa loses out on picking the pasta packets as all of them go in Bani’s kitty.

Lopa starts blaming Bani for doing it purposely but Manveer objects her. He says that she got an equal opportunity as Bani to get the materials and she can’t blame Bani for her own mistake. Furthermore, Manveer and Rohan also get into an argument over the blame game and lash out at each other. Manveer votes for Bani and Manu yet again. Bigg Boss then announces that they have to make a dessert now. Lopa and Bani rush into the store room to grab ingredients. Lopa gets upset that Bani took the only sugar packet that was available. The contestants start making the dessert. Again, Bani’s team wins the task as they make Kesar ka halwa.

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Later in the day, contestants receive a treat from Bigg Boss for completing the span of 100 days in the house. Zorawar Kalra comes with his team and gets some good food cooked for them. All the contestants enjoy the meal and thank Bigg Boss for treating them with this food party.

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Bigg Boss 10, 24th January 2017 written update: Bani J wins ‘dhaba’ task from Lopamudra Raut