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Bigg Boss 10, 23rd January 2017 written update: Rohan and Lopamudra get blamed for loss of prize money

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published:January 24, 2017 1:59 am

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The housemates wake up to the song “Baazigar O Baazigar” indicating that a new challenge is just round the corner. Manu and Manveer make fun of Rohan Mehra and claim that he is going to be evicted mid-week. They say that Bani has a higher chance of winning because of her fan base.

Lopamudra Raut opposes them and says that Bani has just dragged her way into the finale and doesn’t stand a chance in front of her. Bani also joins the gang outside and says that she will be embarrassed if she gets evicted instead of Rohan.

Lopa comes out of the bathroom wearing a face mask only to be mocked by Manu and Manveer. They keep making fun of her and she laughs along. Bigg Boss asks Manveer, Lopa, Bani and Rohan to gather in front of the finale room adjoining the garden area. Manu is asked to stay back and wait for further instructions. As Lopa, Bani, Rohan and Manveer enter the finale room, they are made to sit in front of an LED screen flashing ‘Grand Finale’ on it and are asked to evaluate their performance on the show.

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On the basis of all that they did on the show, they have to draw a conclusion as to which contestant will get eliminated from the grand finale run and in what particular order. After they decide the order, contestants have to leave the finale room in that particular sequence as and when the signature tune of the show rings. Once Lopa, Rohan, Bani and Manveer go inside the finale room, Bigg Boss calls Manu in the confession room and asks him to guess the sequence that the other 4 contestants will decide upon.

Bigg Boss also informs that Manu will have to keep this task a secret as it will help them increase the winning prize amount to Rs 50 lakhs from the current Rs 43 lakhs. If Manu’s estimation is correct, a certain amount will get added to the prize money.

Manu tells Bigg Boss that he places his bets on Bani since she has a nasty temper. On the other hand, Rohan and Lopa target Bani and instigate her to leave the room. Lopa says that Bani deserves to go out because she has never contributed to any task and has always given up easily on everything.

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Meanwhile, Manu is walking around the house talking to the cameras. Rohan responds in affirmation and says that her impulsive behaviour has seldom got the housemates in trouble and she has never been apologetic about it. In her defense, Bani says that even Lopa and Rohan have been unsuccessful in completing tasks and it will be wrong to attribute all the failures to her.

Manu and Bani are shocked to see Manveer come out. He comes out and scolds Bani for being so childish and bringing up old stories. Bigg Boss then tells Bani, Manu and Manveer that this is their last chance to add money to the task now. They place their bets on Lopa. Rohan and Lopa decide to go outside together after discussing for some time. When the buzzer goes off, Rohan leaves first and Lopa follows him. Later on, Bigg Boss announces that they were expected to perform the task properly at least in the last week.

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He blames Lopa and Rohan for being so childish and ruining the task. Bigg Boss also blames Lopa for conspiring all of this and tells everyone that the prize money has further been reduced to Rs. 40 lakhs because of these two. The contestants start arguing among themselves and Lopa takes a dig at Bigg Boss. Lopa is pissed that her name was taken and she is not someone who wants to be seen as a bad person. Manu leaves the room and talks about how ungrateful Lopa is.

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Bigg Boss 10, 23rd January 2017 written update: Rohan and Lopamudra get blamed for loss of prize money